​​​​Client Representative Services - Taking the Pain out of Projects
​We represent the client’s interests on a project to ensure that the final product meets the needs & requirements. We offer this service to overseas clients to act as their local representative. We also work with local clients that do not have in house expertise in the design and construction industry. We will work with our client to help them establish their requirements and communicate these to the project team, we will then review the designs to ensure they meet with the clients aspirations and monitor the quality of implementation. Throughout the project we will support the client and their professional team. We demystify the process translating industry language to plain English and ensuring a pain free experience for our clients  

Design Advisory Services - Reading Between the Lines 
We can provide design advice on a complete array of project aspects form property acquisition to best practice design and independent third party reviews. We help our clients ensure that they make informed decisions that will maximise return on investment and avoid the pitfalls in the property and construction industry. The right advice at the right time can provide cost saving returns on projects

Design Instigation - Getting it Right from the Outset
We like to start working with our client’s right from the day they decide to proceed with a project and sometimes we even assist with informing that decision to proceed. We help our clients with benchmarking and establishing their requirements providing a brief for agents to maximise efficiency of the property search from there we will undertake building evaluations and comparisons to establish the best fit. We also undertake feasibility studies to help inform the client in their decision making process and assist in establishing realistic project budgets. Design instigation give our clients security in making the decision to proceed with a project. 

Design Standards Manuals - Achieving Consistency, Respecting Diversity
For our clients with multiple offices whether it is creating a campus feel or creating a unique experience in each location whilst maintaining consistency across all company spaces can be challenging especially across different geographic and cultural regions. We can help our clients develop design standards that are simple effective and most importantly practical. We find the right balance of prescriptiveness and design freedom for each client’s brand, culture and locations

​Interior Design - Inspiring Spaces for Business
We provide a comprehensive range of Interior Design services for lifestyle spaces specialising in workplace and F&B spaces. We assist our client in developing their brief through to construction quality control. Our team of creative experts provide design solutions that are unique and inspiring while responding to the clients brand and culture. We are humble designers that put our clients’ needs first. We like to listen to our clients and their staff, provoke challenging discourse that will result in the provision of stimulating and exciting environments

Property Strategy - Maximising Real Estate Efficiency 
For clients with multiple properties we can assist in devising effective and efficient property strategies that can help streamline our client’s property portfolio and develop long-term strategies that are aligned with the organisations business plans. We can drive efficiencies and help our clients maximise returns on investment. 

Workplace Strategy - Enabling People, Driving Efficiency 
We can assist our clients to develop workplace strategies that truly work for their unique circumstances. Our approach for workplace strategy is people and business focused rather than real estate or statistic driven. A workplace truly works when it supports its occupants and enables their business therefore we consider the human factor as well as the financial implications. Not all companies are suitable to have a open office & hotdesking concept. 

At contrast we provide a holistic approach to design services that is client focused. Our range of services allow us to support our clients and their professional teams throughout the project lifecycle. We understand that no two clients or projects are the same and so we tailor our range of services to meet specific client or project requirements . We have outlined below a list of services we frequently provide but please speak to us for a tailor made solution.

Client Representative Services

Design Advisory Services

Design Instigation

Design Standards Manuals

Interior Design

Property Strategy

​Workplace Strategy