Ivy Chiam

has spent most of her life in Singapore, she has a fantastic local knowledge and understanding of Asian Culture. Ivy completed her education in the UK giving her a greater understanding of living and working with different cultures and their relevance in the workplace. With more than a decade of experience in the industry Ivy retains her passion for her work, seeing her design realised is her motivation. Ivy's people focus makes her very approachable, clients just love to work with her.

Larissa Murphy

is originally from Ireland she was educated in the UK  and Belgium, she has significant experience in Europe, The Middle East and Asia. Larissa understands the impact of globalisation on the property sector and the need to balance this with local relevance. Dedication to deliver good design and always put the clients interest first has allowed her to build strong client relationships. Clients return to Larissa repeatedly safe in the knowledge that they can rely on her experience and expertise.